Your Treatment Team

As a patient your treatment team includes highly skilled, experienced professional who are experts in cancer care. During your treatment, you and your family will meet and interact with many of the following specialists.

Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

Attending Physician: Supervises your care if are in the hospital.
Medical Oncologist: Specializes in cancer and oversees chemotherapy and/or other medical treatments.
Radiation Oncologist: Specializes in the treatment of cancer using radiation. They develop and prescribe each cancer patient’s treatment plan and ensure that treatments are given accurately.
Medical Radiation Physicist: Qualified medical physicists work directly with the radiation oncologist in the treatment planning and delivery. They oversee the work of dosimetrists and ensure that complex treatments are properly tailored for each patient.
Radiation Therapist: Work with radiation oncologists and administer daily treatment under the doctors’ prescription and supervision.
Dosimetrist: Carefully calculate the dose of radiation to make sure the tumor gets enough while sparing normal tissues. They work with the doctor and medical physicist to choose the treatment plan that is just right for every patient.
Radiation Oncology Nurse: Works with the radiation team to care for patients during their course of treatment. They evaluate patients before, during and after treatment and provide education about treatment and side effects.
Chemotherapy Nurse: Administers treatment prescribed by the medical oncologist. They evaluate and monitor patients before, during and after chemotherapy treatment and provide education regarding treatment and side effects.
Patient Navigators: Nurses with experience caring for cancer patients, assist with education and support throughout your cancer journey.
Social Worker: Provides practical help and counseling to patients and their family members. They often facilitate support groups and connect patients to resources as appropriate.
Dietitian: Works with patients to educate and provide recipes and nutritional supplements to maintain or improve their nutritional status before, during and after treatment.

In addition to our physicians, nurses and allied health professionals we have an experienced front office team who handle patient registration and appointment scheduling, new patient paperwork, medical records and insurance verification.