IBM Watson for Oncology

Another First in Cancer Care from Jupiter Medical Center

Jupiter Medical Center is the first regional medical center in the country to adopt IBM Watson for Oncology. This new technology gives our world-class cancer team the ability to make more personalized and informed decisions about treatment options for patients.

Watson for Oncology can quickly:

  • Analyzes your medical information to help your oncologist better understand your unique attributes
  • Read the vast and expanding body of medical literature on cancer, including millions of pages of medical journals and textbooks
  • And cross-reference cancer guidelines and best practices to provide personalized, evidence-based treatment options to Jupiter Medical Center cancer experts

“We were impressed by Watson’s analytical ability to help provide relevant treatment options for patients to allow physicians to personalize patient care in an unparalleled way,” said Abraham Schwarzberg, MD, Chief of Oncology at Jupiter Medical Center. “Harnessing the power of Watson will help our oncology multidisciplinary team identify individual treatments. As one of the first in the country to implement this incredible tool, Jupiter Medical Center continues to be a regional leader in integrating technology to provide cutting-edge clinical care.”

Jupiter Medical Center will begin by using Watson for Oncology in treatment planning for certain breast cancer patients. 


To learn more, contact our oncology patient navigator, Jean Thompson, RN, BSN, at 561-263-4269.