Treatment Options

Cancer-Specific Treatments

  • Chemotherapy and biological drugs
  • Medications to fight anemia
  • Medications to fight low white blood cell counts
  • Medications to prevent nausea
  • Chemotherapeutic bladder instillations for bladder cancer patients


Other Treatments

  • Miscellaneous IM or SQ injections such as Lovenox or B12
  • Antibiotics and other medications to fight infection
  • Medications to treat Rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn's Disease, such as Remicade
  • Hydration
  • Blood and Platelet Transfusions
  • Treatment for bone metastasis such as Aredia or Zometa


Infusaport, Catheter and PICC Line Care

  • PICC line insertion and care is given by dedicated nurses who install all lines for inpatients and outpatients
  • Blood drawing
  • Port Flushing
  • Staff can also help you learn about your infusaport, catheter or PICC line and answer any questions you have.

Due to our immunosupressed patients, we are unable to provide wound care at the cancer center. However, patients who need these services may contact JMC's Wound Care Center. We are also unable to provide care for patients who are infectious due to respiratory illnesses. Those patients will be referred to admitting for outpatient admission to the hospital.


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