Patient Navigator Program

Patient Navigator


You've received a diagnosis of cancer; it's not unusual to feel shock or even denial. It may take a few days, or longer, to accept that this happening is to you.

For most patients there are many treatment options and therapies. Advances have been made in the treatment of cancer in recent years and the future is hopeful. Don't focus on statistics, focus on getting the best treatment possible.

We're here for you, with a dedicated Patient Navigator to help guide you through the maze of decisions you will be faced with in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

The Navigator helps ensure that patients obtain an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment in a timely and efficient manner.  It can include anything from seeking financial assistance to enrollment in available cancer trials, to simply helping them cope with their diagnoses one-on-one or through support groups.

Our Navigator provides access to numerous resources for patients diagnosed with cancer; serving as an educational resource providing information and support. Well educated patients usually have a greater sense of control and are able to make fully informed decisions about their care.

For more information about the Patient Navigator program, call (561) 263-3604.