Partial Breast Irradiation

Partial Breast Irradiation delivers radiation directly to the tissue surrounding the original tumor while minimizing radiation exposure to healthy surrounding tissue. Treatment is given after lumpectomy, twice daily over a period of five days.

What is MammoSite 5-Day Targeted Radiation Therapy?
The MammoSite® Radiation Therapy System received FDA clearance in 2002. Since then, more than 32,000 women have been treated. MammoSite Targeted Radiation Therapy works from the inside, meaning that a higher daily dose can be used for a shorter period of time - five days vs. five-seven weeks.
Advantages of MammoSite
Treatment with MammoSite 5-Day Targeted Radiation Therapy can help you get back to your normal life sooner - just five days vs. five-seven weeks. MammoSite places the radiation source inside the lumpectomy cavity (the space left when a tumor is removed). This delivers radiation to the area where cancer is most likely to recur. Clinical trials for the MammoSite Radiation Therapy System have shown it to be well tolerated, with mild side effects for a short period of time. The therapy is given on an outpatient basis. No hospital stay is required. Five-year clinical trial data shows:

  • No local recurrences
  • 82 percent of the patients had good/excellent cosmetic results
  • 100 percent of patients in the initial clinical trial would recommend MammoSite to a friend or family member
  • 100 percent of patients in the initial clinical trial would use MammoSite again if they had to do it over


What Is Contura™ Multi-Lumen Radiation Balloon Treatment?
The Contura™ multi-lumen radiation balloon applicator developed by SenoRx is used to provide brachytherapy treatment, a form of radiation therapy whereby a radioactive source is placed inside or next to the targeted area, for breast cancer patients who have undergone lumpectomies. It allows for temporary placement of a radioactive source within the lumpectomy bed. Treatment is delivered twice daily over a period of five days, versus traditional external beam radiation therapy, which is delivered to the entire breast over a period of five to seven weeks.

Some women who are not candidates for partial breast irradiation with the Mammosite catheter may be candidates for the Contura™ catheter.

Contura contains five separate lumens, or tubes, inside the balloon. The additional lumens help your doctor shape, or contour, the radiation dose away from the skin or chest wall to obtain a more optimal result. Your doctor may be able to better target the radiation to the areas in most need of treatment and keep it away from healthy tissue and organs to help minimize side effects caused by the radiation.

What Is SAVI?
The SAVI is a breast radiation device that can be custom-fitted to your lumpectomy cavity, regardless of what shape or size it may be. This device is a bundle of soft, tiny catheters. The SAVI is inserted through a small incision, and the catheter bundle expands uniformly, but its unique design allows it to be opened in a way that truly conforms to the size and shape of your tumor cavity. The radiation dose can be individually controlled through each catheter, allowing precise targeting by the radiation oncologist. This device is more customizable than a traditional balloon catheter device, so women with small breasts may be eligible for this type of treatment.