Outpatient Chemotherapy & Infusion

Patient-Centered Care

Our Outpatient Oncology & Infusion Unit provides patients with chemotherapy and medical infusion services in a calm, comfortable setting. Care in the unit is provided by Oncology Certified Nurses whose primary concern is the safety of our patients during treatment. Patient and family education and support, ongoing evaluation of our patients' progress and patient/family coping mechanisms are all part of your care.

The focus of Patient-Centered Care is to maintain our patients' health, independence and role in the community. Patients are encouraged to become an active participant in their care and decision making process. Psychosocial, emotional and physical needs are evaluated and communicated to all members of the healthcare team. Nutritional support is available to assist you with any needs you may have throughout your treatment.

Information & Amenities

  • Comfortable recliners during your treatment for the utmost in patient comfort
  • Blanket warmer if you find the temperature in the unit too cool
  • Televisions at each treatment chair
  • Family members and friends are welcome to visit with you while you are here for treatment
  • Complimentary lunch and snacks are provided to all patients
  • Jupiter Medical Center cafeteria, which also houses a Subway kiosk, is available for friends and family members
  • Patient Resource Room

The Outpatient Oncology & Infusion unit is located on the second floor of The Ella Milbank Foshay Cancer Center. We open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Ten comfortable chairs and two beds allow patients to receive care in a relaxed, private setting. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (561) 263-4400.