Navigational Bronchoscopy

Jupiter Medical Center is the first hospital in the nation to offer patients Veran™ Medical Technologies Total Navigation Oncology Solution. This comprehensive technology allows for easier navigation to lung, liver and kidney biopsies, as well as drainage and ablation procedures.

The Veran SPiN Drive® Platform enables physicians to locate and diagnose lung cancer at earlier stages compared to traditional methods. The electromagnetic navigation system, complete with Always-On Tip Tracked™ instrumentation, offers patients a minimally-invasive approach to navigate to lesions located deep in the lungs.

Similar to GPS technology used in a car, the SPiN Drive® Platform works with a standard CT image of the patient’s lung, which is used to automatically create a “route” to the lesion allowing physicians to easily biopsy and place markers for planned treatment.

With minimal discomfort for the patient, this new procedure avoids the need for higher-risk procedures to remove the lesion on their lung.

Jupiter Medical Center is pleased to offer a more efficient and safer method of biopsy of lung nodules and masses for patients with hard-to-reach lesions on their lung, with no incision necessary. This system navigates through a patient’s airway to the suspicious lesion deep in the lungs, with lower radiation to the patient, physician and staff.