Tips for Talking with Your Doctor

A good relationship between you and your doctor is an important part of good healthcare. Good communication will ensure your needs are met.

As a cancer patient, doctors from different specialties as well as experts in nutrition and supportive services may be involved in your care.

Ask yourself, “How much do I want know?”

Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor how much, or how little, information you want. You may want a general overview with basic information about your treatment and how long it will take or you may want all the facts.

Here are some basic questions you may want to ask your doctor:

• What is my diagnosis?
• What treatment do you recommend?
• Are there other treatments?
• What are the benefits of these treatments?
• What are the risks?
• What medicines will you be giving me and what are they for?
• How should I expect to feel during treatment?
• Are there side effects with this treatment?
• How long will my treatment last?
• Will I have any physical limitations?
• Will I be able to work?