Clinical Research Scope of Service


The Clinical Research Department (CRD) at Jupiter Medical Center (JMC) collaborates with leading research organizations and physicians to deliver and manage clinical trials for the JMC community.  The CRD is committed to supporting the research community in the conduct of ethical clinical research and human subject protection in compliance with law. The CRD provides consultation on questions related to regulations and standards of practice governing human research. The CRD provides education and training; develops policy and processes; and leads quality improvement efforts in areas of clinical trial management. Our goal is to create an interdisciplinary collaborative environment among researchers, physicians and our community.


The CRD facilitates sponsored Clinical Trials initiated by the research and development efforts of Industry leaders, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Pharmaceutical organizations and Principle Investigators certified in clinical research.

Clinical Trials may include both inpatient or outpatient subjects in accordance with the individual study parameters. The CRD takes a comprehensive approach in management and delivery of Clinical Trials by:

  1. Ensuring Physicians obtain and maintain appropriate credentialing
  2. Conducting ongoing Protocol Research.
  3. Performing Study Recruitment.
  4. Ensuring regulatory requirements are met and maintained regularly and approved as required by JMC’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  5. Develop marketing materials and strategies.
  6. Ensuring Quality Control of records and certifications.
  7. Maintain thorough records and patient files.
  8. Conduct training hospital- wide as required by individual protocols.

Skill Level of Personnel

All CRD personnel are trained in NIH Human Protection Guidelines and include Data Analysts, Registered Nurses (RNs), and Certified Research Professionals.


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