Aquatic Therapy

Join our highly skilled and specially-trained therapists at the area's ONLY full size, indoor, heated swimming pool located on the hospital campus at JMC's outpatient Health and Rehabilitation Center.  This specialized therapy pool is equipped with a hydraulic lift and a multitude of professional aquatic equipment to fulfill for your physical and occupational therapy needs.
Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

•    Reduces stressful effects of gravity on the body and offers little or no weight bearing to help improve range of motion and function quickly and safely
•    Decreases swelling and improves circulation
•    Offers progressive strengthening
•    Assists in relaxing muscles and helps increase blood flow to injured areas


Click to learn how Aquatic Therapy at Jupiter Medical Center helped Medina recover after a traumatic injury.

Aquatic Therapy is Used to Treat:

•    Balance and Gait Dysfunction

•    Lymphedema and Edema Problems
•    Orthopedic Dysfunctions            
•    Parkinson's Disease
•    Post Polio
•    Pre/Post Surgical Recovery
•    Stroke


Please call JMC's Health and Rehabilitation Center
at (561) 263-5775 for more information.