Cancer Center Annual Report

When the diagnosis is cancer, patients want world-class care close to home.

-Abraham Schwarzberg, MD Chief of Oncology                     

It is my pleasure to reflect on a year filled with many exciting accomplishments and initiatives. We are committed to providing our patients the highest quality physicians, cutting-edge technologies and the best standard of care—all in a world-class environment. As we move forward with our mission to evolve a comprehensive cancer care program, we are transforming how we care for our patients by modeling ourselves after top academic medical centers and employing a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care.

An astounding 1,665,540 newly diagnosed cancer cases and 585,720 cancer-related deaths occurred in the U.S. in 2014—these are startling figures. Our ability to impact cancer care in South Florida is unparalleled, and it starts with our highly trained health care team that includes some of the world’s best educated physician specialists who are experts in their field, compassionate in their work and wholly dedicated to cancer prevention, early detection and diagnosis, and treatment using the most advanced technologies available.

In 2014 we acquired our second surgical robot, making us one of the first programs in the world to offer the new da Vinci®Xi™ System, in addition to a breakthrough intraoperative radiation therapy method, e-IORT, which dramatically reduces treatment and recovery time for cancer patients. Another milestone was the groundbreaking of the new oncology campus— Phase 1: the Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center, which opened in April 2015.

The newest technologies combined with the latest in genetic screenings, research, clinical trials, molecular treatments and immuno-therapies help define us as a world-class regional cancer center. Treating the disease is only one aspect of patient care. At the Foshay Cancer Center, we treat the whole person through our evolving oncology, health and wellness, and integrative medical programs that address the full spectrum of mind, body and spirit.

In these pages, we report on our impressive progress and the mission of cancer care for our patients, forging a future of hope to prevent, diagnose and treat all cancers for all patients in our region. We congratulate the many accomplishments achieved by our physicians and staff this past year and thank them on behalf of all of our patients with cancer and their families. 


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